Attention: This is for seniors looking to keep active at home without the fear of risking your health. Scroll down the page to access FREE exercises for seniors.

Does your body feel stiffer from arthritis, and have your physical abilities been limited since COVID occurred?

Are you aged 65+ looking to keep mobile while performing fun, simple exercises at home?

Do you realize your balance or core strength is not as good as it used to be?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, this website would provide you with actionable ways to solve your problem.

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Over the years, while instructing multiple senior group exercise classes in the Greater Milwaukee area, it was brought to my attention that some older adults were struggling with understanding how to keep active while 'aging in-style'! ...a great way to age if you ask me :-)

As a physical therapist and fitness coach, specialized in working with adults aged 65+, having clarity on which exercises to perform, how often, and proper technique - are all important factors to improve energy levels to get you through the day.

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Since we have all been faced with this adverse time with COVID and uncertainty, gathering in large groups cannot be safely achieved.

So, I thought of a 'solution' to continue to offer older adults my easy-to-follow exercise workouts designed particularly for seniors to keep active without requiring the need to gather in a group.

And today, I am excited to announce that the 'solution' is ready for release to you.

Introducing: Sit, Get Fit & Stay Safe At Home!

Imagine the possibilities of having a simple step-by-step fitness program designed specifically for seniors by a physical therapist to help guide you along as well as having the luxury of performing at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. All of the workouts are performed either seated in a chair or standing...NONE of the exercises are done on the floor!

Here's What You'll Discover...

Key exercises focused on strengthening your core and improving your back movement, so you can continue to take care of the tasks you need to perform daily around the house...

My top flexibility exercises to help you stretch easier while walking, bending, reaching, etc. so your body can move more freely when you are up and about...

Find out the most important balance and posture exercises to help improve your stability, so that you can build the confidence you need to manage your necessary everyday activities...

Having healthy posture habits can help prevent common neck, shoulder, and back problems so that you can focus on the things that improve your mood and energy levels throughout the day (and not always focusing on the irritating issues)...

All without needing to leave your home and risk your health...

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