How To Easily Increase Your Mobility In 12 Days Or Less, Even If You Have Not Been Active But Want To Stay Independent And Not Always Need To Rely On Others!

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My Story

Hi, I am Preston! Over the years, while instructing numerous senior group exercise classes, I realized some older adults struggled to understand how to keep active and sometimes wonder which exercises are best to do routinely to stay living at the highest level of independence possible.

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I am a doctor of physical therapy, online fitness coach, and owner of a mobile physical therapy practice specializing in working with older adults. Having clarity on which exercises to perform, how often, and proper technique - are all essential factors to improve energy levels to get you through the day or help you or your loved one keep active so you can rest soundly at nighttime.

So, I thought of a solution to help you keep on track with your health goals and perform workouts designed to help keep you mobile and work out at your leisure. And today, I am excited to announce that the solution is ready for release to you!

Introducing: Sit, Get Fit & Stay Independent At Home Online Fitness Program!

Imagine the possibilities of having a simple step-by-step online fitness program designed specifically for seniors by a physical therapist to help guide you along and having the luxury of performing at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home, and at any time of the day or night. All of the workouts are performed either seated in a chair or standing...NONE of the exercises are done on the floor!


Here's Everything You Get ...

Instant online access to Sit, Get Fit & Stay Independent At Home Online Fitness Program customized primarily chair exercise workouts created for seniors and lead by a board-certified geriatric physical therapist aimed to help you improve your strength, flexibility, balance, breathing/relaxation, and posture, so you can remain mobile and independent around the house ($548 Value)

Workouts include Better Back, Better Flexibility, Better Balance, Better Posture, Better Breathing & Relaxation, Better Arm & Leg Strength Using Resistance Bands, and more!

Plus, When You Order Today...

You Will Receive 3 FREE Bonuses!

Instant FREE access to download Exercise Safety Tips to help you keep safe with exercise to help your body stay limber for your household activities ($47 Value)

Instant FREE access to download Weekly Exercise Plan Calendar & Ultimate Goal-Setting Form to help you stay on track with your exercise routine and build a fitness routine so you can continue to care for yourself ($47 Value)

Instant FREE access to watch Ultimate "Keep You Safe and Mobile" 10 Video Bonus Pack filled with an abundance of tips and strategies to help stay living at your most optimal level without always needed to rely on others to assist you ($97 Value)


Sit, Get Fit & Stay Independent bundle for just $67 Today!

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Best back and core exercises focused on improving mobility so you can sit through your favorite TV show

Most important flexibility exercises to keep limber for activities around the house and cooking

Top balance workouts that incorporate specific movements to keep you upright and off of the floor

Target essential areas to prevent "rounded shoulder" posture and improved energy levels

Important arm and leg resistance band exercises to help your ability to get up from a low chair and out of a car easier

Best breathing and relaxation techniques to keep you moving without feeling as "tired out"

How Much Physical Activity Do Older Adults Need?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), "As an older adult, regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health. It can prevent many of the health problems that seem to come with age. It also helps your muscles grow stronger so you can keep doing your day-to-day activities without becoming dependent on others."

So, if you are someone looking to keep yourself active and mobile, so you can continue to live at a higher quality of life with more independence look no further and take advantage of this deal before it goes away!

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Preston's "Sit, Get Fit" Guarantee!

Test Drive The Program For Two Full Weeks Backed By Preston's "Sit, Get Fit" Guarantee.

Here’s how Preston's "Sit, Get Fit" Guarantee works. Take action today and join the program… and if by the end of the second week, you don’t think that “Sit, Get Fit & Stay Independent At Home Online Fitness Program” will solve your fitness problems or help you improve your mobility… we can set up a personalized phone call to help your get to the root of your problem.

Not forgetting that as an active member of the “Sit, Get Fit & Stay Independent At Home Online Fitness Program” you will receive my support along your journey. Confirm your spot today.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

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Do I need to buy any special exercise equipment after I purchase the program?

Not at all. You can use your body weight or if you have exercise equipment (resistance bands) you can incorporate them. Even household items like water bottles or soup cans can do the trick as well ;-) Within the program we use a resistance band for a portion of the exercises, which I provide resources on obtaining one if you are interested during that sequence. The only equipment necessary is a device to access the program with an internet connection. Simple and easy :-)

How do I get access to these videos?

After you purchase, you'll receive an email that will give you access to the private members area on our website. It's super simple to setup!

How do we watch these videos?

You can watch any video from anywhere! You can easily watch them from a laptop, an iPad, a tablet, your computer, your cell phone, or stream them to your living room TV.

How long do I get access to the videos and program?

When you purchase the program you will receive lifetime access to the entire program. You will also have access to any future updates and additions to the program, for FREE. You have 24/7 access to all of the videos and program materials inside the members' area, so you can work on your schedule.

My loved one is not technical and neither am I, is the program easy to use?

The program is designed so anyone can access it. You will receive step-by-step instructions on how to watch the videos and how to get the materials inside of the program. We have a technical support team for you to email at anytime with any questions you may have along your journey. We understand technology can intimidating, however, this online program is specially designed to help older adults aged 65+ and their loved ones, so we have made it extremely user friendly to use and access.

How many times can I watch the videos?

You will have an unlimited amount of views to each video, so you can replay all the videos non-stop. You do not need to download any of the videos, since we use a members' area within the program you will be able to login and watch the videos on your device by clicking or tapping the play button.

What if I have trouble hearing or seeing?

The video player has a function to make the volume louder or softer as well as a function to make the video larger or smaller. We have a step-by-step instructional video within the program that explains how you can easily make the adjustments you or your loved one needs.

I am not sure this program will work or confident in myself to stick with an exercise program, what can you do to help me?

As a physical therapist and fitness coach (and being a human being :-) I understand being skeptical, especially with all the different programs out there guaranteeing results that are unattainable. The only guarantee I make is my 'Preston's Sit, Get Fit Guarantee' - Test Drive The Program For Two Full Weeks Backed By Preston's "Sit, Get Fit" Guarantee. Also, if you are lacking confidence in yourself or loved one, having the support of myself to help guide you along your journey based on your personal needs are all a part of the process we will adapt once you become an active member of the Sit, Get Fit & Stay Safe At Home online community!!

Does this include a DVD or VHS tape?

No. The videos are 100% all online which makes it easy to login to the member's area to access your program. And helps so you do not misplace a DVD or VHS tape.

Is the program hard to access online or on my computer? I am not good at using the computer like some people are.

Yes! If you are able to check your email and Facebook, you can easily log into our membership website and access the entire program. Plus we have a dedicated support team to help you along the way and answer any technical questions you may have with getting access to our online program. We understand technology can be intimidating, so we take it upon ourselves to help you along the way. Not a problem at all!! :-)

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Sit, Get Fit & Stay Independent bundle for just $67 Today!

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Sit, Get Fit Handouts

Sit, Get Fit Handouts

1-Time Offer: You will instantly receive access to handouts for your Sit, Get Fit & Stay Independent At Home Online Fitness Program! You will receive the TOP exercises with pictures and descriptions for all each exercise module, that you can download and have the ability to print off to take the handouts along with you. Normally $47.00 - Today Only Just $9.95!


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Better Balance, Fewer Falls Digital Book

Better Balance, Fewer Falls Digital E-Book Plus Free Bonuses

How to quickly improve your balance by OVER 68%, so you can remain active, feel more sturdy, and maintain your independence with greater self-confidence - and limit the chance of a nasty fall. This balance blueprint helped an older adult build her walking confidence and get over her fear of falling for good, despite no time-consuming exercises, no strenuous activities, or expensive equipment. Normally $299.00 - Today Only Just $27

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Walking And Balance Workshop Audio Recording

Walking And Balance Workshop Audio Recording Plus Bonuses

Learn 5 Simple Ways to Prevent Another Fall, Regain Confidence, and Maintain Independence Without Solely Relying Upon a Walking Device or A Loved One to Help You Get Around!  This Audio Workshop Recording Is Designed For Active Older Adults Who Are Interested In Maintaining An Active, Independent Lifestyle! All attendees will leave with a better understanding of ways to lower the risk of future falls and things that can be easily done to stay independent.  A $245 TOTAL VALUE - Today Only Just $17

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